Coming alongside you with sound financial advice on decisions that determine your future.

Financial Planners

We’re Birmingham-based Financial Planners with over 40+ years of combined securities experience.

Planning with a Purpose

We help you answer all the important questions regarding your finances so you can achieve your greater purpose.

Protecting What Matters

Based on your specific goals, we’ll put measures in place to protect your investments, both monetary and nonmonetary.


The Stewardship Difference

We’ve all been called to be good stewards of what we’ve been given but how do each of us carry out that calling? Our mission is to help individuals and families live out their purpose through financial stewardship. In doing so, we believe the effects will be far reaching, allowing you to experience greater joy, peace and freedom.

Financial Planning

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Financial Planning for Each and Every Turn in Life

In Your 30s

Life is often speeding up in our 30’s, and you’re likely gaining momentum in your personal and professional life.

In Your 40s

For those in their 40s, life is likely full-speed ahead and requires intentionality to balance its many priorities.

In Your 50s

By now, your family is likely growing up. If you have children, they are most likely leaving the house for college or to start their careers.

In Your 60s

This stage of life often produces various emotions and transitions.

Getting Started


Insights and Strategies for Managing Your Money