• Jordan Peterson says the biggest reason people fail to get what they want is because they don’t take the time to figure out what it is they want.

• Goals shift as you get closer to them. As you grow, so do your goals.

• Resolutions often fail, but visions and habits create lasting change.

We are passionate about people living out the life they’ve envisioned. While helping you protect and grow your wealth is our top priority, we believe that wealth without family and life is just money. That’s why at the beginning of the new year it’s important to take assessment of our life goals and the steps we are taking towards them.

Let me summarize a speech by Jordan Peterson (Jordan Peterson – The Biggest Reason for Failure). He says that the probability of someone hitting a goal, without clearly identifying it and taking steps toward it is virtually zero. The reality is, most people do not take the time to determine what they want. So, for them to think they will magically stumble upon it is foolish. Setting the criteria for your success is the first step to reaching a goal, because you won’t hit what you’re not aiming for. Next, we must take steps towards that goal. Achieving goals requires being intentional. It’s saying yes to the best things, not ALL the good things. It means saying no to things that don’t have a purpose or distract us from what we truly want.

Jordan Peterson goes on to say that another reason we have little chance of achieving what we want is because our goals change. As we get closer to the goal, it changes because we have better clarity and understanding of what we want. So, in practicality

• We name our goal
• We move towards it
• We modify our plan as needed based on results or what we learn

As we get closer and gain better clarity, it is then that we have a better idea of what we truly want.

Maybe you have been successful with money but haven’t found the joy you thought you would. Or maybe you are starting out and not sure of the right direction. No matter where you are, there is a plan and a purpose for your life. And the truth is…being intentional and moving in the direction you are called is no more difficult than just bouncing here and there. However, it does require your attention and your commitment.

In order to better serve, we have a framework to help you determine what you want and how to achieve your goal. Unlike yearly resolutions, the Stewardship Plan focuses on the bigger picture for your life. It helps you create a vision and then the habits to successfully and intentionally reach your target.

John Maxwell said, “people who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life.” It’s never too late to start. We can’t change where we’ve been, but we can change where we end. If you, or a loved one, would like to know more about how you can take your life back and have better clarity, we’d love to come along side you. Give us a call (205. 506.0101) or EMAIL us to schedule a time to visit and discuss your visions and plans. There is no cost or obligation, just an opportunity to connect and move towards your purpose.