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Bobby Lake empowers individuals and families to win with money, God’s way, through stewardship principles involving financial planning, investment management, and legacy building.

Blessings and pain often spread over several generations. Multiple generations can experience the same struggles and pains whether they relate to substance abuse, crime, or domestic violence. However, just as there are unbroken generational curses among some families, others are able to bless their loved ones so greatly that it leaves an impact for generations to come. Generational impact is the ability to influence the outcome of future generations through wisdom and wealth.

Being a financial steward involves preparing and equipping our children. The Bible doesn’t stop there, but in Proverbs 13, it tells us we need to look at leaving an inheritance to our children’s children.  In our busy and demanding world, we often lose sight of the lasting effect our roles as parents play. In today’s society, what we teach our children when it comes to finances is often the majority of what they will know throughout their lives and even what they teach their own children. This awareness elevates the necessity of getting money management right. Your children will benefit greatly from the financial principles you instill in them no matter their age. Today is the best time to start if you haven’t already begun.

  • Grow our Knowledge – Without a personal financial growth plan in our own lives, we will often be under-equipped to teach our children. There are many great books and resources to expand your knowledge. Also look for groups in your community or church that discuss financial “know how,” having others growing with you is great for support and accountability.
  • Be Financial Role Models – Our children will learn more by what we do than what we say. Live out solid financial principles every day and remember that you are always teaching your children. Make it a positive lesson.
  • Get Them Involved – Involving your children in financial matters allows them to learn firsthand how finances work. You can involve them in many ways whether its letting them sit with you when you pay bills, see how you make purchasing decisions, how you tithe, or how you save and invest.
  • Chart the Course – Take an assessment of where your children are today as it relates to their financial knowledge. Do they understand the value of working, are they earning money, are they exposed to giving and saving? Once you have determined their needs, develop practical ways to teach them these necessary principles and stay the course!

Money is a multiplier to whatever is in their heart. If there are cracks in character, relationships, habits, self-esteem, etc., money will multiply those issues. That’s all the more reason to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Need help educating your children or grandchildren about money management? We have several resources to help you get started. Contact us to receive help on creating positive teachable moments for your family.