In Your 50s

By now, your family is likely growing up. If you have children, they are most likely leaving the house for college or to start their careers. Meanwhile, your career is at its peak earnings. You may still have a desire to leave a meaningful legacy and live out a purpose of impact, but first, you may want to understand what your options are and what you will be afforded to do.

The steps you take in your 50s will have a profound impact on your family and beyond.  Here are some questions you should consider:

  • Am I on track to meet the desired lifestyle and goals I have for retirement?
  • I don’t want a traditional retirement, I want to work because I want to and not because I have to. What should I consider before setting out on my own?
  • Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?
  • What can I count on from Social Security? What impact will cuts have on my retirement plans?
  • How will a recession this year or next impact my financial plans?
  • What changes to my investment allocation should I consider as I get closer to retirement?
  • How long should I protect my family with life and disability insurance?
  • As my children get older, what should I be teaching them to ensure financial stewardship?
  • What should I be doing to leave a lasting legacy, both inside our family and outside?
  • How is generational wealth different from the money I will use for retirement? How should it be managed to maximize the impact of my legacy?
  • Should I consider ROTH conversions?
  • How can I ensure my children and grandchildren will be able to wisely handle any money passed to them?

Need guidance? Don’t’ Worry – you’re not alone.
Truth is, many people are unsure how to secure their financial future. We are here to answer your questions or schedule a conversation to help identify the best steps for you to reach the future you envision.